elemental magician
elemental magician
element magician
elemental magicians
0.06 ETH = 1 Magician
elemental magicians
elemental magicians
What is Elemental Magician NFT?
Elemental Magicians are 5,555 algorithmically created powerful and unique
magicians with evidence of ownership recorded on the Ethereum
How to buy an Elemental Magician NFT?
Connect your wallet to our website "https://elementalmagician.io/" and go to the Mint section (Summon Elemental Magician).Enter the purchase number (how many Elemental Magicians you want to buy), and click the MINT button.
How many NFTs will be sold?
5,555 Elemental Magicians will be minted in total.
Is the distribution random?
Except for special giveaways, all the magicians acquired from minting are distributed randomly with the Ethereum blockchain.
Is each Elemental Magician unique?
Each detailed part of the Elemental Magician universe is handmade and algorithmically coded & designed.
There are 222 characteristics spanning across 18 categories, including backdrops, skin, hair, facial expressions, tattoo, clothing, masks, helmets, necklaces, earrings, horns and auras.These together provide billions of unique magicians, but with only 5,555 being minted.
Although the magicians are unique, some are super rare.
What can I do with Elemental Magician NFT?
You are free to do whatever with your magician under a non-exclusive license.
How to get in contact with us?
Feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter @EM_NFTs or discord https://discord.gg/3T6zF7MqGb
How to mint?
How to mint (video help)
elemental magician
elemental magician
elemental magician
elemental magician
elemental magicians